Mission & Values


Wealthy by Design LLC exists to teach entrepreneurs how to  build personal and generational wealth. We believe it's important to acknowledge the societal context in which we operate. Wealth building in America has been largely white, and largely male. Whether through cultural norms, or binding legislation - many of the intersectional identities represented in our community have been historically excluded from wealth building. We exist in opposition of that.


Our company exists to serve our clients, please take the time to review our company values stated below.


- Gina Knox, Founder of Wealthy by Design -



1. Inclusion | Community

Wealth building is for everyone. There is no room for exclusion on the path to building wealth based on race, sexuality, religion, gender identity, or any other identifying group. I believe only good things happen when we put more money in the hands of good people, and it’s my mission to bring as many people along on that journey, especially people who have historically been excluded or legally prohibited from generating wealth in America. 

2. We Shoot for Delusional Dreams

I hold a high bar for my clients' dreams. I call them delusional dreams because others may look at the goals my clients seek to achieve and call them delusional, so we lovingly co-opt that term as a badge of honor. We do not discount your beautifully wild dreams because of your circumstances. Everyone starts their wealth journey in a different place because of systems of oppression, however that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot for your dream and hit it. I believe everyone is worthy of their delusion, it’s my job to turn that dream into digestible action steps.


3. Flexibility

I have a strong point of view on a wealth generation process that works, at the same time I coach each individual based on their unique goals and circumstances. I value flexibility and adaptability as a coach, knowing that the intersections of people’s identities highly impact their wealth journey. I do not force my community to mold themselves to fit my process, I mold my process to fit them.

DEI Goals 2022


In 2022 Wealthy by Design is working on the following initiative to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion of all people in its programs.


1. Content Accessibility

Q1 - Add closed captioning and transcripts to all new trainings and video replays.

Make all learning content accessible across devices.

Q2 - Add closed captioning and transcripts to all video trainings inside 6 Figure Saver.

Q3 - Add closed captioning and transcripts to all video replays in our archives

2. Learning Style

Q1 - Switch from Marco Polo to Slack as community space. Marco Polo was not adequately supporting all community members because of its reliance of video and audio only inputs. Slack has given us a more even playing field regardless of desired communication style.

Q2 - Learning content audit of course material. We want to ensure we're communicating our concepts in ways the help our clients succeed, no matter how they best learn.

Q3 - Create plan from audit to fill gaps in learning style content.

3. Community Demographics

Q1 - 36 active members

Black: 19.4%

Hispanic: 22.2%

Asian/Pacific Islander: 30.5%

White: 25%

Indigenous: .02%