Want to hit 100k bank balance in 6 months?

1-1 financial coaching is all about putting your financial plan on steroids. We work together to ensure you're making quick progress on your business and personal finance goals, to increase that net worth! 


This is for CEO who is ready to pay themselves a lot more and make complex business and personal financial decisions with confidence.

What's the expected ROI?

There are 3 ways I measure ROI for my private clients.

1. Increased Net Worth

All my private clients experience an increase in their Net Worth, through saving, paying off debt, and increasing their take home pay.

Average Increase: $28,878.75

Median Increase: $20,173.00

2. Increased Salary

I expect my private clients to reach at minimum one of their financial goals by increasing their owners pay. Whether that’s saving an emergency fund, giving yourself a raise, or paying off debt.

3. Increase Financial Confidence

Not only will you be able to walk the money walk, you'll also be able to talk the money talk. My goal for you is that you can make complex financial decisions on your own with confidence.

There are 2 main areas of focus for 1-1 coaching. Money Movement, and Money Mindset.

Creating Clear Money Movement 


We are cleaning up house! Creating clear money movement is exactly what it sounds like - how do we ensure that money is moving through your financial systems effortlessly?


Gina what does that even mean? Well we always start from the top: your business checking.

  1. You should know exactly where money is, where it's going, and WHEN - even if you're not the one moving it
  2. You should be able to confidently intervene and re-route your money easily when needed
  3. Money should flow in a way that automatically funds your goals


Think of money movement like a river. It comes in from your sales, flows through your business financial systems, gets saved for taxes and business expenses, pays your salary, flows into your personal checking and down through your savings - and there's nothing blocking the flow of the river and mucking it up.


Clear money movement = clear peace of mind.

Creating Clear Money Mindset 


We will work on creating a clear 100k mindset. My clients are incredible money makers, now we need to work on increasing their capacity to actually have money.


Creating clear money mindset is about uncovering how your current beliefs about money are aiding, or sabotaging your goals - and then working on re-aligning your mindset to meet your goals.


Gina can you give an example?

"Well money just always goes away" - this was the answer I got from a client when I asked her why she was only planning on paying herself 60k for the year, when her revenue was projected to hit 1M.

Her subconscious belief that "money always just goes away" led her to underpaying herself, and overspending in her business. It was a self fulfilling prophecy.


Clear money mindset looks like understanding how our thoughts about money dictate our behavior, and in turn create our results.

What's included in Coaching?

6 Months of Coaching

You get bi-weekly 60 minute intensives with me where we not only set your strategy - but actually implement it together!

Private Access

6 Months of private access to me Mon-Fri on Marco Polo so you can get coaching even when we don't have a session.

Custom Strategy

I fully build out a custom financial strategy for you based on your goals, your weaknesses, and addressing your reality.

Custom Trackers

I build you custom trackers based on your strategy, your needs, and you ideal working style.

Million Dollar Retirement

We'll build your retirement investing automations so that you're guaranteed to be a multi-millionaire in your old age. #RichGranny

Corporate Level Finances

My career at QuickBooks was focused on understanding how multi-million dollar corporations worked. You get access to alllll my insider knowledge.

Brass Tax: What's the Investment?

This high touch coaching container is a financial commitment of $2,100/month with a 6 month minimum to start, followed by an opportunity to resign.

Custom extended payment plans available upon request.

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